Darci couldn't find Peggy anywhere.

We have three security guards who take shifts.

Even though English is his native language, Pratap doesn't know the difference between "tough" and "though".

Your wife left.


Merton is a world-famous bus conductor.


Lanny can't come.

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It's a small problem.


Harold smelled it.

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.

Susumu looks like he's in a lot of pain.

He bought the lot with a view to building a house on it.

I'm your new partner.

Why is she so obsessed with getting Gregory to pay attention to her?

That's not what you said last night.

Rolf is often home.

Bit of a worry with the way she dotes on her brother, isn't it?

Cease fire!

She's an alcoholic.

Tait found out Elliot was stealing from the cash register.

I know it's a crazy idea.


I don't want him to see this.


Don't ride a bicycle on sand.


Spring has officially arrived.

I want you gone.

Do you think this is what Pratt meant?


Which is the best way to travel?

Jussi is worried about your safety.

Did you enjoy your birthday?

Come on, I'll give you a hand.

The market is held every Monday.

We've lost our umbrellas.

We all live in the same dorm.

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Nothing's free.

President Jefferson did not want the trade ban to last long.

I guess that's how I'd do it.

What's your favorite charity?

I've got him with me.


Klaus pointed at the tree in his neighbor's yard.

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I have a son who disappeared.

He hasn't been proven guilty yet.

You may not like what you find.

We know nothing.

They split up.

I'm still seeing him.

I've got to see someone.

When was the last time you went camping?

They set to work at once.

She looks cute with her hair short.

Leave it!


The committee meeting is held twice per month.


Pablo and Knapper really loved each other.


We're going to have a baby.

Are you willing to go to the beach?

Barbra's father was very well-off.

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Surya has never been there.

Both of her parents are doctors.

I go to church.

We're just about finished with this job.

You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.

I'm just a little confused.

I'm not going to tell you unless you tell me why you want to know.

Nancy wouldn't do a stupid thing like getting married to Jack.

World war has become less likely because of global economic interdependence. It's not like the 1940's.


I'm looking forward to the next month.


Mahesh persuaded Adlai to sell her motorcycle.

A burglar broke in while he was asleep.

I'll come to your place.

He is more shy than timid.

I missed the train by two minutes.

It's about Andrei Tarkovsky's last film.

The squirrel is hibernating.


It's a great little car.

In Arles I saw a bullfight.

Try to enjoy yourself.

I never dreamt that I would win first prize.

Shai is Maria's husband's best friend.

The climate here doesn't agree with me.

In a democracy, it is important for journalism to be independent.

Illegal logging has decreased considerably.

Our professor promised to hold off on the final exam for another week.

School is boring.

This is a long list.

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You'd better go with her.


I don't like your friends at all.

Sometimes I read so much that I forget about food and sleep.

We used to talk about everything.

I can talk for a bit.

The Knesset will look different after the Israeli elections within four months.


There were ten police officers on the spot.

I used to be young and ambitious, just like you.

Is there anything I can do to help out?

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This woman has two bags.

I hear the drum.

Someone said to the stones: "Be human." The stones said: "We are not hard enough yet."

Wear warm clothes or you could get sick.

He was sent by his company to Kazakhstan.

The saying that beauty is but skin deep is but a skin-deep saying.

Please give me a second chance.

I'm allergic to peanuts.

He's watching the Olympics.

We've got to get out of here!

The clock on that tower is accurate.

Peter didn't come after all.

Please throw away your trash from this room.

There really is no comparison.

What you need to do next is fill out this application form.

Dylan is very friendly and outgoing.

Is there something you aren't telling us?


Do you believe it?


Let us know when you'll be coming to Boston.

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She went to a boarding school in New England.


If you ignore the past, you jeopardize the future.

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

She doesn't like this game.

Judith is trying very hard to quit smoking.

You're a rich man.

"Where is Jianyun?" "He's out drinking at the Laughing Boar."

Gene said it wasn't funny.

Pascal wasn't wearing socks, so his feet were cold.

He offered me a beer.


With the passage of time, Horst felt less bitter about the situation.

That psychiatrist specialized in eating disorders.

You can buy stamps at any post office.

Please note the change in the meeting agenda.

Are you brothers?

Elizabeth told me you were dissatisfied.

It is frightening beyond description.

I've got a bad stomachache.

Sanford is exactly three weeks old.

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Love doesn't rule, but it shapes; and that's more.

She finally mustered up the courage to ask him for more money.

He studied law at Harvard.

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They cleaned everything, from the basement to the attic.

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I hope Liber gets here in time.


What's it made from?

I think what we just heard was Rodney's voice.

Please show me your driver's license.

Usually, Greek tragedies don't end well.

Leo watches TV with the kids every evening.


Step away from the car.


I've got no friends.

Ro didn't quite understand why everybody was looking at him.

The bedouins were nomads.

Did you make your speech off-the-cuff?

Please do not invite crime by leaving the handbags and valuables on your seat unattended.


Can you see the stars tonight?

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Leave the chairs as they are.

Apart from the cost, the color of the tie doesn't suit me.

Listen, he doesn't know what he says.

Don't ask me such hard questions.

Radek can't seem to do anything right.

We're going to need your help.

I can't be treated like this.


I had some problems to take care of.

I'll let you talk to them.

I don't really know what I would like to be when I grow up, but I hope I have a job doing something I enjoy.

Eating raw eggs could be bad for you.

She was leaving and was walking slowly from me.


We had a few problems ourselves.

Maybe I should study French.

In France every restaurant has some method by which you don't have to pay, in China it is the opposite.

She carried a silk purse.

Don't stand in my way. Stay out of my business!