Please give this to them.

We're out of candy.

They called them traitors.

She looks sorrowful and forlorn.

It's practically impossible not to use baby talk when talking to a young child.

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This book is my good luck charm. I read it every five months.

I'm not nervous at all.

Suu suddenly realised that what he was doing was very dangerous.


Laurianne grinned at Bret.

Phil is coming down the stairs.

This room has two closets for clothing.

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She tried to allay their fears but only ended up heightening them.

Shadow asked Gabriel to wake him up in time to catch the first train.

Sanjay's doorbell rang.

Yes, I lived there for many years.

Don't waste time on trifles.

We all know how dangerous that can be.

That way of thinking influenced a lot of people.

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He had the fortune to find a job.

I'm not stupid. I'm just different.

How will Teresa get in?

You must talk to them.

Is your bitch on heat?

That's my favorite kind of sandwich.

We're friends, and friends help each other.

Dorian was an artist.

Kees would know the answer.

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Are you sure it was Lanny?

Do I have to study?

Why does the government want to read my emails?


Show it to him.

I bought the book for ten dollars.

I really enjoyed this seminar.

There was nothing left to do - the decision was made.

The flowers faded in the heat of the summer days.

She baked her husband an apple pie.

The car is in the garage.


They're pretty new.


Can you distinguish silver from tin?


I'm sure we'll do better tomorrow.


I wish I'd made better use of my time.


"Why are you wet?" "I fell in the water."


You learned English from Miss Long, didn't you?

We were alone and a man broke in.

I'll get her a present.

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Where's my breakfast?


It's easier to have fun than to work.


I thought today was your day off.

Please visit me.

I want to be a physician in the future.

Several pedestrians were slightly wounded.

You don't need to know who told me.

We're on the same side, Stacey.

You can't force me to do anything.

It was a good buy.

She turned around and scowled at me.

Angela still isn't comfortable with the idea.

There are several kinds of cloud formations.


We haven't found him.

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Look for the solution he has sent you.

Please don't let Helen see you crying.

Toft should move quickly.

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That girl, she's so beautiful that no boy dares approach her.


Show me the way, please.

Hundreds of people were on the spot.

Charley is a pretty amazing person.

No one trusts her.

I feel like I understand your feelings.

You're really nice.

Don't try that at home.


There is a beautiful park in the center of the town.

You aren't really going to get rid of your classic car, are you?

His wish was going to America.


Saqib looked very tired.

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Do you have any other questions?


Resume reading where you left off.


You're a person.

Lievaart is unethical.

This report was written by Stacy.


Randal is much busier than he used to be.


The mouse is small and all alone.

I'll drive you home.

Is this seat reserved?

Stan came home covered with mud.

I'm feeling tired.

Love is blind. Hatred is also blind.

We cannot exist without food.

"Do you trust me?" "No."

She makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every morning.

I want him in my office.

Curt's doing OK.

I want to live my life without stress and worries. I don't need to be rich or famous, I just want to be happy.

We sit on a bench to rest.

She looks lonesome.

You ought to know better at your age.

That doesn't leave me with a lot of options.

They all applauded.

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She is coy with everyone.

They walked along the street side by side.

The man the police arrested has now been released.

Magnus smiled politely.

I can't fake an interest in this.


She was planting roses when he came.


We're never going to make it on time.


Itamar washed the floor.

Kelvin certainly does a good job cleaning chimneys.

He is sensitive to criticism.

Go around that way.

I gave my carefully prepared speech.

English doesn't differentiate between the verbs "ser" and "estar".

Alex reminds me of my father.

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If my memory serves me right, Manolis and Arne got married in October of 2003.

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Neal was a woman of subtle beauty.

Mike speaks good Japanese.

This morning, Tatoeba isn't working very well.

That is not why I am here.

I thought Nicolo was in on it.

I wasn't helpful.

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

My mother is sick with a bad cold.

Vishal showed Sue some pictures of his hometown.

Marc might not be hungry.

The cauldron was steaming and bubbling.


We can get more.

He ran so fast that I couldn't catch up with him.

How did you manage to get Jiri to do that?

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I'm tired, but I'm going anyway.

I never gave it a thought.

I'll keep fighting until somebody defeats me.

Ken told his dog to wait there.

I stay home alone while my parents are at work.

The news brought her a lot of publicity.

He is no less than a genius.

Hsi and Leora sat together.

Inventions are born, so to speak, of necessity.

The Clinton camp became desperate to eliminate the white votes Obama had got in both states.

You shouldn't lend Hiroyuki any money.

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I saw Kieran and Stanley last weekend.


I don't like Sunil and I don't trust him.

Energy reform is a tremendous challenge and requires effort from us.

He's on the dance floor.

It's awful, just awful.

Life without humor would be unbearable. This applies to love as well.

Are you able to grant us a special discount of 5% for 50 sets of the product?

We're being called.

I consider myself a clever man.

What was Monica doing up there anyway?

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You have to have a lot of stamina to be an Olympic athlete.


I have to eat my lunch.


That was crazy.


When did you finish your studies?

I think we should do something special on your birthday.

I didn't know Win was going skiing with you.

It's a difficult language.

Reading is a good activity.

I can't go on like this.

I feel better than ever.

What am I supposed to say to Pia?

When did you return from London?